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Just get it in writing! – Video #102

Get it in writing!

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Get it in writing!
You need an organised file in event planning







Just Get It in Writing video transcript

So, let’s look at some other things that seem very simple but a lot of people don’t do.

I work as a consultant and a trainer and I start with the basics on my courses and one of the first things to say is, “let’s get everything in writing”.

An event is a live animal, and we don’t have time to be fumbling around through paperwork, bits of paper here, there and everywhere if something is going wrong or one of their suppliers isn’t doing as they we’re asked to do.

We need to have a perfectly well-organized folder.

Now, that sounds simple as if of course we would have that we’d always have that, it doesn’t happen, not everywhere.

I’m currently working with a group of individuals, investors, who are putting on a music festival and they are great people and they’ve got great contacts in the music industry; I’m working as a health and safety lead.

A lot of money spent but little in writing 🙁

There is virtually nothing written down about this festival other than the health and safety side of things.  I’ve done Event Safety Plan, Risk Assessments, Method Statement, all that kind of stuff so my file is in order.  I’ve got everything there, that’s the only thing really binding this event together.

Now, there’s quite a lot of money being spent on this event and it’s quite shocking that people do not do the work properly.

Have a fabulously well organised file

So make sure you have a well-organised electronic file and a fabulously organised paper file so you can take it to your event and if you have a problem you can instantly point out the various clauses to your people.

I’ve also seen this happen with other planners who were putting on training events, small events and they’re so busy they don’t have a chance to put a file together.

Make it a habit

Make it your routine, make sure that your paperwork and administration is up to the standards that you would expect, especially if you have to handover, if you’re ill or you’re not there.

Your colleagues will very much thank you for having a well-organised event file.

Get organized.

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Just get it in writing! - Video #102
Just get it in writing! - Video #102

It's hard to believe that some event managers do not have a well organised event planning file or everything in writing.