09 Aug

Why are you doing this event? – Video #101

Explainer - Why do events

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Whydo events
Why do events?







Why are you doing this event?

Video transcript

It’s Kevin Waters here from the Event Resources Group and I want to share with you some tips and some advice and some of my views of the event industry.

It’s a beautiful day here in Hampton Court and these are the places just up the road from me and I actually live in a Dutch barge, which has been converted. So that’s enough about me.

My #1 moan!?

Okay. My number one moan about the event industry is when people come to me and they say that they’re looking into an event.  Or we’ve got to quote on an event, it’s an annual event, we do every year and the first thing I say is “why are you doing the event?”

Oh, it’s a Christmas party. It’s a celebration. It’s a product launch, etc.

That’s not good enough!

Well that’s not good enough! You’ve actually got to sit down and work out what is the absolute essence of what you’re looking for.

Otherwise I say to my clients, “why are you spending this money on this event?”

So you’ve got to reach down inside of yourself and find out exactly what you’re looking for.

“Are you looking for data? Are you looking for leads? Are you looking into sales? Are you looking for a promotion? Are you looking for brand awareness? “

A lot of people think, oh yeah, this is straightforward. We know this stuff. – People don’t!

Be strong and ask “Whay are you sepnding your money n this or any event!”

People come to my courses and they really are surprised when I say, “why are you doing this event?”

And even stronger, I say to them, “why are you doing this event if you don’t really know the answer to this then you shouldn’t be spending the money!”

Keep the end in mind with effective goal setting.

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Why do events?
Why do events?

Event planners and marketeers should always start with the end in mind and ask themselves "why am I doing this event?"