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Video #105 Event Health & Safety Part 1

video vlog #105 Event H&S Pt1

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video vlog #105 Event H&S Pt1
Video #105 Event H&S Pt1







Video #105 Event Health & Safety Part 1

I wanted to just talk a little bit about health and safety.

I know it’s a subject that we can all be a little bit nervous about.

Certainly, when I was younger in the event industry, I was pretty terrified about putting my name to anything.

It’s just common sense in writing

Back in the day, we used to call it common sense and of course health and safety actually is common sense.

It’s actually just documented common sense?

What we’re doing is putting things in writing, putting our name to it.

We’re expressing to the World, to the Health and Safety Executive that we have thought through our event.

We’ve been thoughtful about our guests and their safety and thoughtful about overcoming risks that we might encounter from the event that we’re creating.

Event Safety Plan ESP

Okay, so some of the things to think about is Event Safety Plan, an ESP, or an Event Management Plan, whichever you want to call it.

So it’s a simple piece of documentation, all you’ve got to do is look at your generic event types or the event that you’re doing and write a short paragraph about what the event is.

What’s the parameters of the event, why you’re doing the event, the demographics, the people you’re inviting, and then think through how you’re going to be looking after them.

What are the risks and how you’re going to be overcoming some problems?

It literally can be sometimes just a couple of paragraphs, this doesn’t have to be huge in depth document.

ESP for Large Scale Events

Having said that if you’re involved with a much larger event you’re going to have to start documenting things like what kind of medical arrangements are you making, security.

What’s your policy on things like ticket policy, search policies, drugs, alcohol policy, lost children, vulnerable adults and the list goes on and on and on.

The larger the event, the more suppliers, the more facets that you involve, then the more in-depth the Event Safety Plan has to be.

But at its essence you’re just explaining to the World what you’re doing with your event so don’t be frightened of them.

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Video #105 Event Health & Safety Part 1

Explaining not to be nervous of event health and safety and describing what is an Event Safety Plan