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Video # 104 Festival Update

video of festival update

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video of festival update
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Video # 104 Festival Update

I said I’d update you about the festival I was recently involved with.

I was the health and safety lead for a six band tribute festival, one day festival that took place in my local area.

Audience Hopes

They were hoping to get, and we actually planned for ten thousand people.  They were a little bit late getting off the starting blocks and I suppose that’s a lesson for all of us.  They were late in terms of getting to market, so they were behind the curve.

They were hoping for ten thousand, they actually managed to get four and a half thousand people through the gates which was a remarkable achievement bearing in mind it’s their very very first event so I’ve got to give them applause for that.

Event Marketing Choices

They used one of the major ticketing platforms which was useful so they’ve got all that data, they’ve got the emails, they’ve got the demographics so they can build on that next year which is really really useful.

For me, personally, I think that the best way to market a music event is Facebook and the kind of demographic age group we were looking at which was predominantly thirties to maybe late fifties rock fans.

That really would have been Facebook, as the ideal place for them to be marketing.  One of the great things about Facebook is once you’ve got that group there, then of course you can easily post things like videos like this or competitions, update posting and viral videos and emails.

License Application Issues

They were also unfortunately, a little bit late in putting in their application for the license.

I was very much involved with helping to win that Premises License.

The local council did a great job, don’t get me wrong however, they were very very pedantic about what they wanted and once again it’s a warning and it’s always the same with events, isn’t it? Timing, timing, timing. Get it done, get it done, get it done as soon as you can get in there.

The license that we applied for was actually a Full Premises License.  The kind of license you’d have at a bar or a nightclub because the numbers were we applied for a license for over 499 people.

If you’re under the 499 you apply in the UK for a TEN a Temporary Event Notice.

I had to put forward a 120 page event safety plan, ESP, which the council very much enjoyed reading, I’m sure you can imagine!

They came back with 100 different remarks and comments on that ESP, which all of which I had to answer.

Thankfully, we got through that process and the license was granted but once again, leave yourself plenty of time.

We were really rushed into this and next year I know that we’ll be far better prepared.

Ticketing Platforms

So a couple of things that happened on the day, with their marketing, as I say, they relied initially on TicketMaster who wer great because of their marketing reach.  Later they were also allowed to bring on board another ticketing partner so they used Gigantic who were cheaper.

Don’t Rely on One Media Platform

So one of the criticisms locally was that the radio station’s, Radio Jackie, continually played ads for their festival which obviously eventually gets on people’s nerves at times. So that was a shame but Facebook is really where they should have been going to build that group.

Have Enough Event Crew on the Rig and Day Itself!

A couple of the things that we were looking at where I feel a couple of mistakes were made, so to say.  I was there the Health and Safety Lead and I tried to give them some advice.

They were new to the festival world and they did not have enough event crew on the build up to the event.

Also they had no event crew on the day of the event, which was a real mistake.

So building up to the event, they realized very quickly, how difficult it is to put on a festival.  But much to their credit though, they put the time in and were working 15-16 hour days and became totally exhausted because they were undermanned.

Under-resourcing an event is one of the biggest issues with the event industry and that was the same with the festival itself.

There were plenty of staff there in terms of the catering, bars, security, medical, all the right things, there all in the right place. All the contractors had plenty of staff.

Unfortunately, we had a small management team and no designated event crew on the day of the event itself and you always need event crew on an outdoor event of that size.

Luckily, and very luckily, we were fantastically looked after by the venue and they had some very experienced ground staff who did a brilliant job.

Without them, the event would have been in trouble and would have been a nightmare for the management people.
It’s one of the things I’m always teaching on my courses is that “you cannot Manage and Do” you’re going to get terrible problems.

Late H&S Documentation

Some of the supplies were late getting back to me with their Risk Assessments and Method Statements. Make sure you really keep on top of your contractors.

Just make sure you’re getting things, the Risk Assessments, their Method Statements, and their Public Liability Policies.  Sometimes this does take a long time even from very credible, very competent suppliers, they’re very busy in the summer time.

The Result Overall?

So, overall, the music was fantastic, people had a great day, many of the visitors were asking me about next year, really looking forward to it.

So, the takeaways from today, the one major takeaway is plan, plan, plan and give yourself plenty of time.

Okay, I look forward to seeing you very soon. I’m Kevin Waters, the Event Resources Group, if you want to join us on the Facebook Ultimate Event Group we’d love to see you.

Please share this video and I’ll look forward to giving you some more tips and advice on another occasion.

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Video # 104 Festival Update
Video # 104 Festival Update

Update from a local one day 6 band festival in July 2019