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Get the right date with a little research

Okay, let’s get to the basics. I’m not going to apologise here…

I see this happen so many times and there’s so many silly mistakes made.

So let’s think about when we’re going to do our event.

Would anybody have liked to have done their event this past weekend in the UK?

Look at the global diary of events

We had the Wimbledon Tennis Finals on Sunday, we had the World Cricket Finals on Sunday and we also had the British Grand Prix.

Now, if you were running an event against that tide, I wish you luck but you probably would have missed out on quite a few of your key guests, clients, and key speakers.

Now, that does sound a little bit over the top. So what I suggest is when you do your events is you check around for what’s going on worldwide.  Look at the sporting wise, big events, big festivals.  Double check you don’t clash your events with those people because you’re going to lose out.

Have an industry event diary

I used to do a lot of work for the surveying market in London and they had a West End and a City diary because for all the topping out parties we used to do for them.

We used to put on lunches and dinners to encourage the City and West End agents to come around and view the properties fresh on the marketplace.  The agents would market these properties to their clients so it was very important to get them there.

We used to get them gifts like silk ties and shirts and put on entertainment and great food to get them to attend. Luckily the surveyors admin teams had a diary between the two areas of the West End and the City of London to make sure their events didn’t clash.

Look around not just in your own industry but look around the sporting events and the big things that are going around in your area.

Otherwise, you’re going to lose out.

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Vlideo #103 - Event timings
Vlideo #103 - Event timings

New episode in our event management vlog expalining the importance of doing your own research to ensure your event does not clash with bigger, more attractive events