10 May

Training solutions for event planners

event planners learning new skills

I have just finished the last of piece of training for one of my remote students, an events manager who has 3 years’ experience organising all manner of events for a government department, her time is precious.

The training culminated in 2 final days of 1:1 training to finish the curriculum and I can honestly say I am sad it is over.  Over these last 3 months we have built up a close professional relationship and I am pleased to add this will continue as I am to further mentor her as she starts her own event agency, albeit in her spare time!

She is now set to attempt the Certified Meeting Planner examination later this year and make no bones about it this it is no gimme! The CMP examination sets a rigorous test of 265 questions over 3.5 hours and you need to get 55% to scrape a pass.

Should she pass she will be one of only 11,000 + worldwide CMP designates which will certainly make her CV pop!

In addition CMP qualified event planners earn more than non CMP qualified planners as reported by Payscale.com

So why put yourself through all this, it’s not cheap and you’ll need to dedicate your time as you’ll need a minimum of 25 hours accredited training which must encompass 9 disciplines or domains. On top of that there are exam application fees.

As the event industry accelerates through tremendous growth and technical changes it is reasonable to expect that the demands made upon event professionals will only broaden and deepen, meaning you’ll need to know more about a wide variety of things.

In addition there is going to be much upheaval in the coming years as event technology continuous to disrupt the industry.  I’m sorry but those of you who organise small events or similar re-occurring events are in for a shock because these basic organisational functions will become automated and many jobs will go.

Basically, what you did last year will not be good enough in the coming years.

The mechanics of project management are no longer enough, you need to understand the bigger picture as events, marketing, PR and promotion merge into one as they do in experiential.  Face to face is here to stay but on a far deeper emotional level.

The mixture of big data, social psychology, marketing, corporate governance, sustainability, social media; the marketing mix, audience segmentation, demographics, and omni-channel marketing are just some of the topics you may need to understand.

The simple take away here, keep pace with this fast paced industry or fall behind.

Training solutions for event planners
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Training solutions for event planners
Technology will disrupt the event planners role and this guides event managers towards training solutions to upgrade their skill sets.
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