17 Apr

“Those that can’t do, teach”

Those that can't do teach

“Those that can’t do, teach” #trainingwhybother

I love the Jack Black quote from the School of Rock swiftly followed by “those that can’t teach, teach gym”!

I know I’m sticking my neck out but I believe there is reluctance in the event industry, particularly on the agency side, to embrace training. I feel I can say that as an agency owner of 27 years and an event trainer these past 3 years.

In my view many agency owners select staff primarily for their portfolio and experience, rather than an academic record. I think both have value.

So here’s my list of the benefits of training your team. I’d be pleased to see your own comments.

1. Staff retention. Demonstrate you’re willing to invest in your people, not only in their current job with you but in their life career, it’ll pay dividends.

2. Training must be core specific! It’s not always possible to find a niche course. All learning has value and kicks off all sorts of cross pollination in the mind. For me I enjoy listening to a speaker and often peel off into my own thoughts making new notes about all manner of things.

3. Give your team a fresh perspective on their job/life. Everything eventually becomes boring, a good trainer or a break from the traditional way of doing things can re-ignite your team.

4. People are afraid to ask for fear of being seen as weak or stupid. I notice this particularly with my own Event Safety Course. Many experienced staff members are uncertain about specific subjects that they feel they should know and are just too proud or fearful to ask for help.

5. In-house customised training. It’s a great place to air the “elephant in the room”. Issues can be worked through by a trainer as a topic or raised as a discussion point to the group. It definitely helps to have someone outside the company working as a teacher/mediator.

6. None of us know it all. You and the team might just learn something new and of value.

Personally, since I’ve been sharpening my own skillset, taking courses, researching and writing new material for my own courses, my mind has never been sharper, (for those who know me that probably comes as a surprise!). Truth be known I wish I’d had embraced further learning years ago, I’d be far wealthier, and in a multitude of different ways, than I am today.

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Those that can’t do, teach
Why the event industry are so bad at investing in their own people
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