23 Aug

Video # 104 Festival Update

video of festival update
Click on image for video [caption id="attachment_9183" align="alignleft" width="300"] Video#104_Festival Update[/caption]             Video # 104 Festival Update I said I’d update you about the festival I was recently involved with. I was the health and safety lead for a six band tribute festival, one day festival that took place in my local area. Audience Hopes They were hoping to get, and we actually planned for ten thousand people.  They were a little bit late getting off the starting blocks and I suppose that’s a lesson for all of us.  They were late in terms of...
17 Apr

Plan Early & Secure Your Resources

Planning is more critical than ever. Each year, local authorities are dealing with more and more outdoor events, which has prompted them to become far savvier when it comes to their own knowledge and understanding. Make no mistake, this is a good thing for the industry. However, what it does mean is that organisers need to think very carefully when they decide to put on a festival. What we noticed last year is several organisers who – despite having the very best of intentions – simply didn’t plan well enough to deliver the event they had hoped for. This was...