09 Aug

Just get it in writing! – Video #102

Get it in writing!
Click on image for video [caption id="attachment_9086" align="alignleft" width="300"] You need an organised file in event planning[/caption]             Just Get It in Writing video transcript So, let’s look at some other things that seem very simple but a lot of people don’t do. I work as a consultant and a trainer and I start with the basics on my courses and one of the first things to say is, "let’s get everything in writing". An event is a live animal, and we don’t have time to be fumbling around through paperwork, bits of paper here,...
06 Aug

4 Bad Habits for Event Management Pros to Avoid

Bad habits of event management pros
How Event Management Pros Can Overcome These Pitfalls Call these bad event management habits, or call these bad life habits in general. Either way, these are common pitfalls that we all should avoid, and in doing so, become better managers and more successful career professionals. 1. Lack of Focus Disciplining yourself to think intently on the task at hand is critical to success, especially when others are counting on your guidance. How many times have you noticed yourself begin to shift priorities without necessarily meaning to, as a result of being scatterbrained? SOLUTION: maintain an ordered list of your priorities and...