Event Consultancy

Our expertise and knowledge allow us to provide invaluable insights into the feasibility of your event objectives. We provide advice and support to execute your plan with measurable results.


Our event focus is to move our target audience from one emotional state to another, creating impact and nudging that audience to make a positive change in our clients favour; to select their brand, trial their product or service and ultimately to choose that company above a competitor.

Events are so much more than meticulous planning and faultless execution.

We blend marketing and communications functions, work alongside public relations departments, suggest stakeholders and outling partners, organise specialist social media campaigns.  Instruct social psychologists to provide a competitive edge, utilise new technologies to manage schedules, registrations and forums, register data and dazzle our guests.

Our vision is the prospect with whom we continually build a positive relationship, contact by contact. From initial contacts, to invitation, to face time at the event, to post event communications and through to the next set of communications and invitations.

All gently nudging our prospect to trial our offering and become a customer for life

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