Event Management Bootcamp (5 days) with CMP and CPD accreditation

Course Overview

This is a certified CMP course and has been designed for those who wish to have an in-depth understanding of the event management process as well as a deeper understanding of connected areas such as Strategic Planning, Sustainability, Return on Investment and Marketing and Promotion.

It is an excellent spring board for those wishing to accelerate their event career, enter the event industry or start their own event agency.

CMP is recognised globally as the badge of excellence in the meeting, convention, exhibition and event industry. The qualifications for certification are based on professional experience, education and a final exam. More about CMP.

The course covers 9 Domains and 80 plus sub skills. Students who complete the course have a number of advantages over other event professionals.

  • Broader knowledge - they have a deeper, broader understanding of events and the marketing blend. This breadth of knowledge is rarely learnt by the majority of planners unless they have worked on broad mix of event types, on large scale events and working closely with marketing professionals.
  • Competitive advantage - it allows students to apply that knowledge to their clients or employers events, providing a competitive advantage.
  • More money - students who have attended the course and successfully passed the CMP exam earn more than non-qualified event planners according to Payscale.com

Certificated Learning

The course provides 30+ hours of certified CMP training hours and each student receives a certificate of attendance and the option to join the CMP academy and register their learning and credits

The course also qualifies for Continual Professional Development units which are recognised by all UK corporates, not for profit and government departments.

CMP Professional Qualification

In addition, it is a certified preparatory course for those who wish to study to undertake the Certified Meeting Professional examination.

All students receive

  • Copy of all training slides
  • Checklists and templates
  • CMP certificate
  • CMP login for credits
  • CPD certificate and credits


Each course provides TWO unique internationally recognized certificates

  • Competent Meeting Planner CMP accreditation
  • Continual Professional Development CPD credits

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Course Scope

CMP - DOMAIN A: Strategic Planning

  • Skill 1: Manage Strategic Plan for Meeting or Event
  • Skill 2: Develop Sustainability Plan for Event
  • Skill 3: Develop Business Continuity or Long-Term Viability Plan of Meeting or Event

CMP - DOMAIN B: Project Management

  • Skill 4: Plan Meeting or Event Project
  • Skill 5: Manage Meeting or Event Project

CMP - DOMAIN C: Risk Management

  • Skill 6: Manage Risk Management Plan

CMP - DOMAIN D: Financial Management

  • Skill 7: Manage Event Funding and Financial Resources
  • Skill 8: Manage Budget
  • Skill 9: Manage Monetary Transactions

CMP - DOMAIN E: Human Resources

  • Skill 10: Acquire Staff and Volunteers
  • Skill 11: Train Staff and Volunteers
  • Skill 12: Manage Workforce Relations

CMP - DOMAIN F: Stakeholder Management

  • Skill 13: Manage Stakeholder Relationships

CMP - DOMAIN G: Meeting or Event Design

  • Skill 14: Develop Programme (content and activities of event)
  • Skill 15: Engage Speakers and Performers
  • Skill 16: Coordinate Food and Beverage Services
  • Skill 17: Design Environment
  • Skill 18: Manage Technical Production
  • Skill 19: Develop Plan for Managing Movement of Attendees

CMP - DOMAIN H: Site Management

  • Skill 20: Select Site
  • Skill 21: Design Site Layout
  • Skill 22: Manage Meeting or Event Site
  • Skill 23: Manage On-site Communications

CMP - DOMAIN I: Marketing

  • Skill 24: Manage Marketing Plan
  • Skill 25: Manage Marketing Materials
  • Skill 26: Manage Event Merchandise
  • Skill 27: Promote Event
  • Skill 28: Contribute to Public Relations Activities
  • Skill 29: Manage Meeting-Related Sales Activities

The Event Managment Bootcamp is the fastest route to securing the minimum 25 hours accredited training, covering the essential 9 topic areas and over 80 subskills required by the Events Council to allow you entry to the CMP exam.



Intellectual Property Office

Kevin is a great coach and mentor, the course content was in depth and I'd recommend it for anyone interested in CMP qualification.




Exactly what I was looking for from today. the examples given were invaluable.”

University of Bristol

A Bryant

University of Bristol

The course met my objectives and has definitely given me a lot of things to think about for future events. Really enjoyed the course. Thank you very much


Arron N


A really friendly and knowledgeable course and tutor, who will explain the key steps of an event process from start to finish in a clear and in-depth manner. Very useful day course!


Amanda M


Great course, easy to book, easy to understand. Very tailored to my requirements. Kevin is a great trainer!!”

Course Director
BBC Worldwide

Kevin J Waters

Kevin began his own event management agency in 1992 his agency grew to be one of London’s pre-eminent event agencies. He has been directly and indirectly responsible for the winning and successful organization of over 2000 + corporate and public events from corporate sporting hospitality, clay shoots and driving days to VIP client programs, parties, awards dinners to outdoor fun days, team building, exhibitions, international conferences, music festivals, arts exhibitions and much more.

The largest number of attendees being 10,000 and the largest budget being £1.5M for an international conference in Paris.

Kevin has written and presented event specific courses and seminars over the past 3 years, his work is accredited by the CMP Certified Meetings Planner CMP certification and CPD Continual Professional Development units.

He is a member of IOSH the largest Health & Safety organization in the world and holds both the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and the NEBOSH National Fire Risk Assessment certification. He is a former board member of the International Live Event Association ILEA.

Kevin now travels the UK and abroad providing training, event management and event health & safety consultancy and is Director of the Event Resources Group.

Kevin’s LinkedIn Profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kevin-j-waters-3101723b


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