We provide all services and personnel to oversee your tour, festival or concert production from theatrical stage productions, stage design, professional crew, logistics and transportation, security detail, accommodation, insurance, trucking and professional equipment lease that includes: staging, risers, props, lighting, electric distribution, backline, PA, special effects, video projection etc.

Legal, Licenses and Health and Safety

We source, manage and hire performing spaces and venues, apply for any licenses such as a Temporary Event License for up to 498 attendees or a full Premises License for 499 and above.

We are qualified health and safety advisors and can ensure all your documentation is compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.  Ensure you only use competent, licensed contractors or staff and oversee the safe rig, execution, and de-rig of your event.


We have developed a database of touring professionals that are standing by for various engagements and are looking forward to discussing your upcoming project in further detail.

Our Service

With over 25 years in the event industry, we are here to ensure that your event and performance run as smoothly as possible, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Concert Tour Services

  • Tour Directors
  • Creative Directors & Conceptual Design
  • Travel Coordination & Logistics
  • Software with Online Document Management
  • Tour Personnel & Local Support
  • Production & Musical Directors
  • Staging & Design Elements
  • Special Effects & Lighting
  • FOH & Monitor Engineers


Tour Crew

  • Production manager: Supervises the technical crew and coordinates their work with that of the venue’s local crew. Supervises moving equipment from one venue to the next, as well as setting it up and disassembling it.
  • Advance person: Arrives at each tour location before the band and crew to help the road manager and make sure advance arrangements have been handled correctly.
  • Stage manager:¬†Controls performers’ movements and crew on and off the stage; gives crew cues for the houselights.
  • Sound engineer: Operates the front of house console, which controls and mixes the sound the audience hears during a live performance.
  • Monitor engineer: Operates the monitor console, controlling the sound the band hears during a concert through on-stage or in-ear monitors.
  • Sound crew: Set up, disassemble and run sound equipment, as directed by the sound and monitor engineers.
  • Lighting operator: Operates the control console for the show and supervises the lighting crew.
  • Lighting crew: Sets up, runs and disassembles lighting equipment. May also handle special effects like smoke machines and hoists.
  • Backline crew: Sets up and manages performers’ instruments and equipment.



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