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What is a Certified Meeting Professional Designate?

Certified Meeting Professional training
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Certified Meeting Professional training
What is Certified Meeting Professional Designate







What is Certified Meeting Professional Designate?

CMP stands for Certified Meeting Professional.
A CMP Designate is an event professional who has passed the CMP exam.  It is a globally recognised qualification for Event Management Professionals.
The qualification is overseen by the Events Industry Council in the USA.  To qualify you have to have a complete a minimum of 25 accredited clock hours called CEs, from a recognised Preferred Provider such as the Event Resources Group and to have event planning experience.  This allows you to register for the CMP Exam.

CMP Exam and Exam dates

 The exam takes place every quarter (worldwide) and is managed by an external organisation.  The exam itself lasts for 3,5 hours and is a multiple choice exam. You need to score above 55% to gain a pass.

Why you need CMP Certification?

CMP Certification will help you if:
  • You’re a newbie and want to break into the industry
  • Your an  experienced event planner but want to widen your event horizon and skill-set
  • You want to travel the World as an Event Planner
  • You want to earn more money as event planner.  Event managers with the CMP Designate qualification earn more than non qualified event mangers according to CVENT, so it’s well worth getting

How do you get CMP Certification?

To gain qualification you need to complete a minimum of 25 CE clock hours with a Preferred Provider, within that you must study the 9 Domains (topics).

Here are the Domain subjects:

  1.  Strategic planning
  2.  Project management
  3.  Risk management
  4.  Financial management
  5.  Human Resources
  6.  Stakeholder management
  7.  Meeting or event design
  8.  Site management
  9.  Marketing
It sounds like a lot but don’t worry we will will help you through step by step.

How can you get CMP CE hours?

All of our course provide CMP CE hours upon completion.  There are no tests you just need to attend the training which we provide in live classroom or remotely via webinars, books and reecordings.
Once you have completed the minimum 25 hours and can demonstrate you have a certain amount of Event Planning experience you are good to go to register to take the CMP Examination.

CMP Recertification

Onceyou have passed the exam you will have attained CMP Designate status.  The learning journey does not stop there as you will need to top up continual professional development hours.   Do not get overwhelmed it is only a few hours per year and it is worth it as you earning potential will have been increased throghout your event career as long as you keep your hard won qualification.

There are a number of different options you can undertake for recertification which include event experience and further CMP CE hours within 5 years of your original certification. Use this link for more detailed information: CMP Recertification

We can help you with any option you choose, just enquire 🙂

How do You get started?

So if you want to qualify for the CMP examination we have would be delighted to help you and we have some fantastic facilities.

Each of our remote course provides:

  • Full CMP Training, everything from a few extra CE hours to a 5 or 10 week staged release to complete all your hours in one place
  • Live classroom and live webinars
  • Recordings of all session for you to continually review over 12 months
  • We provide Community & Support with our own a Facebook group
    (we host a weekly “Live Chat” about the training we’ve covered that week)
  • You get Power Notes, a summary of each Section and Domain
  • Checklists and Templates where appropriate
  • We also provide exam training and exam questions

Available CMP training

So if you want to know about CMP contact us and we will help you out.

1. Event Management Masterclass

Our signature course

2. Event Safety Course

All you need to know about event safety. Never be nervous about event health and safety again.

3. Event Marketing Workshop

Great workshop to provide you with an event marketing plan, ready to go when you get back to the office.

4. 30 CE Hours CMP Exam Qualification Course

Supportive course to qualify for the CMP exam or for Recertification.

Event Resources Group as a Preferred Provider for the Events Industry

We are a Preferred Provider of CMP training for the Events Industry Council in America now. Our certified event planning courses are accredited by Certified Meeting Planner –  CMP and Continual Professional Development – CPD CEs/units.

Event Resources Consultancy

We work with organizations of all sizes, consulting on their events, providing event marketing, event health and safety and the auditing or setting up of event departments.

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What is a Certified Meeting Professional Designate?
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