01 Nov

What is a Certified Meeting Professional Designate?

Certified Meeting Professional training
Click on image for video [caption id="attachment_9257" align="alignleft" width="300"] What is Certified Meeting Professional Designate[/caption]             What is Certified Meeting Professional Designate? CMP stands for Certified Meeting Professional. A CMP Designate is an event professional who has passed the CMP exam.  It is a globally recognised qualification for Event Management Professionals. The qualification is overseen by the Events Industry Council in the USA.  To qualify you have to have a complete a minimum of 25 accredited clock hours called CEs, from a recognised Preferred Provider such as the Event Resources Group and to have event...
15 Oct

Event Marketing – Avatars & Hangouts

Click on image for video [caption id="attachment_9246" align="alignleft" width="300"] Event marketing[/caption]           Event Marketing Tips Avatars & Hangouts Some quick tips about event marketing we're gonna start at the very beginning and why not. Who do we want to speak to, who are we targeting for our event marketing. Try to imagine that person as an Avatar What is an Avatar An avatar simply put is our own imagined perfect customer, our perfect client our perfect delegate, the people that we want to attend our events. Who are they, what age group are they, what do...
05 Sep

Interview with Kevin J Waters and James Dickson from Event Industry News

image of interview about events
Click on image below for video [caption id="attachment_9210" align="alignleft" width="300"] Interview with Event Industry News[/caption]             The Interview Had a lot of fun chatting with James Dickson from the Event Industry News about the event industry and the need for training and education Topics We discussed a variety of things including Event industry training How valuable are event management degrees What is the future of event planning The onward march of AI and event technology Changes coming to event roles How event planners need to keep skill sets up The benefits to organisations who train...
23 Aug

Video # 104 Festival Update

video of festival update
Click on image for video [caption id="attachment_9183" align="alignleft" width="300"] Video#104_Festival Update[/caption]             Video # 104 Festival Update I said I’d update you about the festival I was recently involved with. I was the health and safety lead for a six band tribute festival, one day festival that took place in my local area. Audience Hopes They were hoping to get, and we actually planned for ten thousand people.  They were a little bit late getting off the starting blocks and I suppose that’s a lesson for all of us.  They were late in terms of...
09 Aug

Just get it in writing! – Video #102

Get it in writing!
Click on image for video [caption id="attachment_9086" align="alignleft" width="300"] You need an organised file in event planning[/caption]             Just Get It in Writing video transcript So, let’s look at some other things that seem very simple but a lot of people don’t do. I work as a consultant and a trainer and I start with the basics on my courses and one of the first things to say is, "let’s get everything in writing". An event is a live animal, and we don’t have time to be fumbling around through paperwork, bits of paper here,...
09 Aug

Why are you doing this event? – Video #101

Explainer - Why do events
Click on image for video [caption id="attachment_9076" align="alignleft" width="300"] Why do events?[/caption]             Why are you doing this event? Video transcript It's Kevin Waters here from the Event Resources Group and I want to share with you some tips and some advice and some of my views of the event industry. It's a beautiful day here in Hampton Court and these are the places just up the road from me and I actually live in a Dutch barge, which has been converted. So that’s enough about me. My #1 moan!? Okay. My number one moan...