05 Sep

Interview with Kevin J Waters and James Dickson from Event Industry News

image of interview about events
Click on image below for video [caption id="attachment_9210" align="alignleft" width="300"] Interview with Event Industry News[/caption]             The Interview Had a lot of fun chatting with James Dickson from the Event Industry News about the event industry and the need for training and education Topics We discussed a variety of things including Event industry training How valuable are event management degrees What is the future of event planning The onward march of AI and event technology Changes coming to event roles How event planners need to keep skill sets up The benefits to organisations who train...
17 Apr

“Those that can’t do, teach”

Those that can't do teach
“Those that can’t do, teach” #trainingwhybother I love the Jack Black quote from the School of Rock swiftly followed by “those that can’t teach, teach gym”! I know I’m sticking my neck out but I believe there is reluctance in the event industry, particularly on the agency side, to embrace training. I feel I can say that as an agency owner of 27 years and an event trainer these past 3 years. In my view many agency owners select staff primarily for their portfolio and experience, rather than an academic record. I think both have value. So here’s my list...