17 Apr

Plan Early & Secure Your Resources

Planning is more critical than ever. Each year, local authorities are dealing with more and more outdoor events, which has prompted them to become far savvier when it comes to their own knowledge and understanding. Make no mistake, this is a good thing for the industry. However, what it does mean is that organisers need to think very carefully when they decide to put on a festival. What we noticed last year is several organisers who – despite having the very best of intentions – simply didn’t plan well enough to deliver the event they had hoped for. This was...
17 Apr

“Those that can’t do, teach”

Those that can't do teach
“Those that can’t do, teach” #trainingwhybother I love the Jack Black quote from the School of Rock swiftly followed by “those that can’t teach, teach gym”! I know I’m sticking my neck out but I believe there is reluctance in the event industry, particularly on the agency side, to embrace training. I feel I can say that as an agency owner of 27 years and an event trainer these past 3 years. In my view many agency owners select staff primarily for their portfolio and experience, rather than an academic record. I think both have value. So here’s my list...
17 Apr

Don’t let reality ruin a good event

Don’t let reality ruin a good event
Face to face time is the most precious human connection we have with our friends, family, colleagues and prospects. Nothing beats a one on one. There is an awaking to the fact that we cannot spend money, sometimes very large sums of money, on events or marketing verticals and horizontals without a return of some type either financial, by influence (a Facebook like or Retweet) or the golden goose, a change in thinking or behaviour. Changing an audience’s perception is the new gold rush, influence, persuasion, immersion, causation.  Like it or not we have opened Pandora’s Box to Artificial Intelligence,...
06 Aug

4 Bad Habits for Event Management Pros to Avoid

Bad habits of event management pros
How Event Management Pros Can Overcome These Pitfalls Call these bad event management habits, or call these bad life habits in general. Either way, these are common pitfalls that we all should avoid, and in doing so, become better managers and more successful career professionals. 1. Lack of Focus Disciplining yourself to think intently on the task at hand is critical to success, especially when others are counting on your guidance. How many times have you noticed yourself begin to shift priorities without necessarily meaning to, as a result of being scatterbrained? SOLUTION: maintain an ordered list of your priorities and...
19 Jul

7 Steps to Super Successful Event Negotiations

Event Negotiations infographic ERG
1. Start by negotiating with yourself • In other words, set clear goals for what you need from the venue, what you expect to achieve and what you expect to pay. • Have a fixed and transparent budget for your team to adhere to. • Make sure you know what your favoured dates are and prioritise your back-up dates. • Set clear targets for attendee numbers, but consider the value of social/online interaction too. • Know before you pick up the phone exactly what logistics you need. What total space do you need? Types of stands or staging or furniture?...
03 Jun

The Top 10 Things You Learn From Your Event Planning Mistakes

Event Planning - Learn to Love Your Mistakes It's great when an event goes off without a hitch—but let's be real, how often does that ever happen? Not often. There are inevitable roadblocks that will pop up and force you to deviate from your path to success. Event companies in London, New York, Sydney, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between understand the mantra: "stuff happens." The best companies are the ones who learn to turn negatives into positives. Here are 10 important lessons to remember as you roll along through your event planning process. Some might seem rather obvious, but...
22 May

Event Sponsorship: The Tricks of the Trade

Did You Know? The Golden Rules of Attracting Sponsorship for Your Next Event   Event sponsorship is now a well-established part of the classic marketing mix and many brands have an interest and (even better) a budget for it. However, there is no magic formula, no ‘one size fits all’ approach to attracting sponsors. This should not be seen by event organizers as a problem, but as a massive opportunity. The field is open and any brand connected to or interested in your event could be a potential sponsor. While there is no easy answer to finding sponsors, there are...
18 Apr

Event Marketing – Making The Most of a Captive Audience

Event Marketing The Right Way The marketing of events has become a much-studied art. But are organisers always making the most of that most precious of audiences, the captive one? In this post we take a look at how events can stay on the ball and turn event-goers into customers. The first (and perhaps the most obvious) thing for organisers to remember is that your audience has come for the event first and foremost, they are either experts in this field, wannabe experts or enthusiasts who want to commune and share. Which means that to market to them as the...
18 Feb

5 Things Event Professionals Can Learn From The Rugby World Cup

5 Things Event Professionals Can Learn from Rugby World Cup 2015 1. Start by learning • The management team of England 2015, the organisers of this world cup, had a massive advantage. And that was that 2015 is slap bang in the middle of what has unofficially been dubbed ‘the UK’s golden decade of sport’ (the ‘golden decade’ was nearly an official title but the government backed away from it). • England 2015 had masses of data and first-hand experience from events like London 2012 (where most of the senior staff came from) Rugby League World Cup 2013 and Glasgow’s...
18 Feb

TechCheck # 106 – Event Technology Notice

A Quick Mid-Year Review of Digital Tools for your events (and what to look out for!) Have you, at times, been lost with all the technology that’s out there? As if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels have already been confusing, 2016 brings more to our table. There’s beacons, crowd-streaming and your kid just downloaded Pokemon GO so there’s augmented reality that’s just new to your ears. And all you just wanted was to bring people to your event. Is it too hard to ask? Before you go crazy, let’s go over some of our trusted digital/online events...