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Event Marketing – Avatars & Hangouts

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Avatars & hangouts
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Event Marketing Tips

Avatars & Hangouts

Some quick tips about event marketing we’re gonna start at the very beginning and why not.

Who do we want to speak to, who are we targeting for our event marketing. Try to imagine that person as an Avatar

What is an Avatar

An avatar simply put is our own imagined perfect customer, our perfect client our perfect delegate, the people that we want to attend our events.

Who are they, what age group are they, what do they look like? Now we should think very carefully about this.

It’s too simplistic to be broad and very general so the more specific you are the better your chances are of finding that perfect audience.  In fact you can even research Google and find some image to represent the type of people that you want to be working with.

Imagine your perfect audience

Who do you want at your event?  Think carefully their age groups, their gender, what are their interests, where do they go where do they hang out .

Now a lot of people don’t give enough thought to this especially when they’re trying to reinvigorate an existing conference they think that they’ve got their demographics down to a tee  and yes a lot of people have but a lot of people don’t think it through.

So come up with some pictures of your male and female delegates, your perfect avatar and then think about the places they hang out.

Hangouts – where do they go?

Are they on LinkedIn, are they on Instagram are they on Facebook where are they and what do are they interested in?

Find solutions to your audience’s pain points

We must think in terms of our audience’s pain points and the solutions we can provide to help them.  Dig deep and think, what are their pain points. What is it they really want to hear about, how can we help them solve their daily problems?

Once we start to think in these terms we can really work out who our demographics are and who are the people that we should be chasing and where they go.

We spend some time answering this essential but basic question and have some great software apps that can help you legitimately steal your competitors audience!

Event Marketing Workshop

We discuss this and a whole host of other event marketing topics in our 1 day Event Marketing Workshop avialble live in London, Online or at your own location.

Event Marketing - Avatars and hangouts
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Event Marketing - Avatars and hangouts
Thinking carefully about your target audience, their look, feel, age, gender etc. Where do they hangout so we can introduce our message.
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