Our story and evolution

Our original focus was as a full service event management agency providing creative solutions to our client’s needs.  Everything changed as a result of the financial squeeze in 2008.  Our clients were looking harder into their event and marketing budgets and we took time to reconsider what we were offering.

New technologies were emerging for event production and event management which we adapted allowing us to provide streamlined events with measurable results.

Our ethos and mindset had changed. Why spend time and money organising ANY event if doesn’t’ create impact and change from the target audience?

Now at the very beginning of any project we carefully consider the end objectives and keep this front and centre.  Our focus is to deliver those objectives totally transforming the way we approach our event planning and execution.

At the same time we felt we had something unique which was worth sharing and so began writing and presenting our own event training courses.   We also acquired new qualifications to back up our experience.

Now our event training and event health and safety consultancy are as busy as our event planning work.

Our business relationships have evolved, working as consultants and trainers we work side by side with our clients as an additional team member, our relationships have become more symbiotic.

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