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New event management book

Well it had to happen after many requests to flesh out the event process I teach in our Event Management Masterclass . So I’ve put pen to paper to explain the process fully in this 28 point guide to the planning of any event, no matter the size of complexity.

It’s currently available as a free PDF download (without illustrations), the physical book is currently being formated and printed.

Step by step guide to the event planning process

The book takes the event planner through a logical step by step pathway to event organisation and is illustrated on each point with a simple icon. All the icons are linked together on double page spread as anĀ  infographic explainer.

I have also included a simple checklist at the back of the book.

How to get the FREE PDF eBook

To receive the FREE PDF version simply email us at eBook@eventresourcesgroup.co.uk.

Providing your full name and and confirming your consent to receive news, tips and updates from us ( you can unsubscribe at any time and we do not spam or sell information to 3rd parties).

Here’s the book synopsis.

The Expert’s Guide to Planning
Faultless Events Every Time

This Guide takes the reader on an easy to follow, step by step process that can be used to organise any event no matter its size or complexity.

It illustrates the technical, logistical and personnel requirements alongside appropriate management strategies to build upon during the event planning process.

Each point in the model is backed by an expert tip to drive the message home and assist the planner.

About the author

Kevin J Waters started his own London event agency in 1992 without clients, financial backing or previous experience in the industry.

Through years of hard work, trial and error he carved out a name for himself, rising to board level of the ILEA UK Event Association.

At the same time he promotied his company to become one of the outstanding London event agencies with a multi-million pound turnonover.

Current work

He now turns his attention to consultancy and training and has written his own CMP certified courses and event planning models.

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